There’s no one-size-fits-all at RevCore

Mental health and substance use disorders affect all aspects of a person’s life. That’s why our services include more than exceptional clinical counseling and therapies.

They also include helping our clients apply for employment and housing, accompanying them to doctor appointments, ensuring access to local food pantries, and so much more.

We’re here to see to it that you have access to all of the services you need to start and maintain your unique journey to lasting health and wellbeing.

Everything you need, under one roof

We serve children and adults of all ages


Wherever medication is necessary to manage symptoms, we’ll make sure you get ongoing psychiatric care regularly.

Individual Counseling

Each client has regular meetings with a trained therapist to get the support they need so they can reach their recovery and wellness goals.

Group Therapy

Joining with others who are on the same journey is very validating. We facilitate group discussions and activities to help clients resolve challenges together.

Intensive and Non-Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

Often, recovery from substance use disorder does not require detoxification or 24/7 observation. Our Outpatient Treatment service is the perfect way to establish coping strategies and a support system for relapse management.

Domestic Violence Counseling & Support

Domestic violence brings complex emotions and behaviors to the surface. We help you unravel it all in a safe, non-judgemental space.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

It’s often necessary to use various medications to assist with recovery from a substance use disorder. Our staff specialize in medications for alcohol or opiate dependence.

Family Counseling

The people we live with have an immense impact on recovery. That’s why we support and involve family members of our clients as they undergo treatment.

Thinking for a Change

It’s hard to change the way we think, but we have built a curriculum to help people do just that. Evidence-based, it’s a great tool for those re-integrating from having spent time in the Justice system.

Anger Management Training

Our trained therapists can help you learn how to get a handle on your intense emotions so you control them, instead of them controlling you.

Referrals to Job Training

Being out of a job is tough. We'll help you work out what your career options are, and put you in touch with the right people who can train you for a fulfilling job.

Parenting Skills

Learning parenting skills and strategies is vital for a parent who is struggling with mental health or substance use disorders. It ensures that they can parent effectively despite their struggles.

Behavior Changes

Behavior Modification Therapy helps you reduce unhealthy behaviors and get the skills you need to increase behaviors associated with the person you truly have the potential to be.

Integrated Treatment for Dually-Diagnosed

Substance use disorder and mental health issues often present together. We make sure that your health is being addressed on all fronts, and our staff will guide you to the integrated services necessary for your recovery.

Other Language Services

A number of our treatment services are available with professionals who speak languages other than English, so everyone can access the care they need.

Community Services

From helping our clients gain access to food, to accompanying them to doctor's appointments, to helping them find proper housing, we're committed to toppling every barrier on the way to long-lasting health.

The RevCore Women's Program

A unique program designed for women—offered at all RevCore locations

Women experience substance use disorder and mental health struggles differently than men, and their treatment requires a different focus. When you join our women’s program, every service is customized to your needs.

Group sessions are more powerful when you can relate to the experiences of your peers. At RevCore’s women’s program, you’ll gain a caring support group of women who will empower you on your journey to enduring health.