Careers at RevCore

Let's do work that matters. Together.

As part of the RevCore family, you can bring hope and healing to individuals and families affected by mental health and substance use disorders. It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity to save lives today, and build healthy communities of tomorrow.

Why work at RevCore?

We asked our employees this very question.
Here’s what they said.

Join a team that actually looks forward to Mondays.

Because Mondays mean another week of changing lives, bringing hope to those who need it, and doing work that matters with teammates who are like family.

“I would recommend RevCore to mental health workers and patients”

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“I am happy working for RevCore”

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“I am likely to stay at RevCore for the foreseeable future.”

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Results are from 2021 companywide emailed survey.

Our core values

Everything we do—the way we speak to patients, the way we treat our teammates, and every decision we make—large and small, individually and as a company—is guided and driven by our core values.


We respect and value diverse people, experiences, and perspectives, and committed to creating a nurturing environment that is inclusive of all.


The journey to recovery is highly individualized and can happen through a myriad of paths. Whenever feasible, we go out of our way to meet our clients’ needs.


Empathy for the suffering of others and the readiness to relieve that suffering lie at the core of our work. We listen deeply, with kindness and compassion.


We know that we don’t know everything. Staying open and curious to new ideas as well as seeking honest feedback, enables us to continually grow.


Above all, we’re a team. That means that we show up for each other, listen respectfully, communicate clearly, and bring our authentic selves to work.


We have the courage to tell the truth, even when it’s hard, and strive to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We hold ourselves accountable.

Revcore benefits

We want every one of our employees to feel valued, appreciated, and supported. We’re invested not only in your work, but in you. We believe that happy, fulfilled employees are the foundation of success.


Fun team building

& support

Monthly bonuses

Student loan

Retirement Plans

Paid time off

Health Insurance

Opportunities (a.k.a. We're hiring!)

We’re always looking for talented, skilled, compassionate people to join our team. Check out our open positions.

Internships & Field Placements

Are you enrolled in a bachelors or masters program that requires internship or externship in a clinical setting?

Would you like to work directly with patients, gain hands-on experience, and find out if this field is right for you? At RevCore, we offer interns the opportunity to work in a range of settings, with full mentorship and supervision. You’ll learn a ton, be treated like paid staff, and leave ready for a real position.

Looking for a careers opportunity?

98% of students who complete their internship/field placement here are offered paid positions.

Have a full time job?

We’re open 7 days a week, allowing you to intern over the weekend and fulfill your requirements even if you have a full-time job.


Find out whether we meet your school’s requirements.

If you’re a field placement and would like to establish a partnership with us as a field placement site, contact us at

Didn't find a job that fits?

We're always looking for compassionate, skilled people driven to make a difference. Email us at to inquire.

“I am never micro-managed. I have the breathing space to give my ideas and input, and they’re respected and valued.”
Justyna Rzewinski
Director of Behavior Changes and Recovery
“My role organically evolved into the right fit for me. It’s incredibly rewarding, I feel its my calling.”
Kirk Chisholm
Clinical Director for Manhattan & RevCore’s Senior Clinical Director
“I’ve had so many jobs. I was waiting for a
Derwin Manigault
CASAC Community Liasion