Legal Liaison

I have been with RevCore since 2018 and working here has been a great and rewarding experience. My role as Legal Liaison is to make sure that justice-involved clients receive their services and have all their questions answered in regard to how our program works and what services are available to them. It is such a good feeling when the clients who successfully complete our program come back to visit us and thank us. Sometimes long after completing the program, clients come back to let us know how we have impacted their lives for the better, and how they continue to apply what they have learned in treatment in their everyday lives. I am honored to be working at a place where I know I am changing people’s lives every day.

It is also a pleasure to be working with a team that puts in so much effort to help our clients grow in different ways and to become better versions of themselves. It definitely makes it all easier when an entire team composed of different roles is working towards the same goals. I am thankful for this team and the work we do together. I am reachable via email at