MHC-LP, CASAC. Clinical Director

Helping others has always been my passion. Throughout my life, both personally and professionally, I have witnessed firsthand how one’s mental health impacts quality of life. I believe that living a balanced life comes with negative and positive experiences and that each struggle makes us stronger for the next one that is placed in front of us.

My drive to help others led me to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Hunter College and Masters of Forensic Mental Health Counseling from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. As a NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I am able to utilize my education and experience to motivate others in working through their inner struggles. I assist my clients in developing coping skills and managing everyday stressors. It is my goal to meet individuals where they are at, and help them find a way to live a balanced life, where they can work toward their goals, and find their inner motivation to make changes necessary to live a full quality of life.