Jonathan Cohen

Community Liaison

Jonathan Cohen joined RevCore’s management team shortly after the company was founded in 2015.  As Special Projects Manager, Jonathan primarily spends his time working on expansion projects for the organization.   Jonathan has been instrumental in the opening of RevCore’s sites in Brooklyn and Harlem. as well as spearheaded the relocation of the company’s headquarters, to a state of the art facility in the SoHo section of Manhattan. Jonathan also helps manage RevCore’s grants including coordinating with outside agencies such as large Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and other primary care practices all with a focus on population health. Most recently, Jonathan was instrumental in RevCore obtaining an  Article 31 Mental Health License at its Brooklyn location.

Jonathan works closely with state regulatory agencies to ensure that RevCore’s facilities are operating to the highest standards of compliance and patient care.  Jonathan is also proud to work as a liaison to communities surrounding RevCore facilities, to ensure that there is a direct line of communication with the organization.  As such, Jonathan meets regularly with community boards, associations, and residents to assist in raising chemical dependency awareness and community engagement.

Jonathan has worked in the healthcare field in various capacities for over ten years.  Prior to joining RevCore, Jonathan was involved in a healthcare technology startup that specialized in developing software for the Emergency Medical Services sector.  In addition, Jonathan was an associate in a national public accounting firm, where his primary focus was in the HealthCare industry.  As special projects manager for RevCore, Jonathan Cohen is committed to the industry’s highest standards of treatment and quality patient outcomes