A Helping Hand

May 9, 2013 - 1 minute read

Substance abuse among high school and college-age students has been a lingering issue that continues to plague youth culture. And whether it be recreational users, addicts, or even first time users, the risk of an overdose is always present. Often times, young individuals use substances in social settings such as parties. You would think that if something goes wrong, there are always others around to help or call 911. However, reports show that friends of overdose victims avoid calling 911 for help out of a fear of legal consequences. In some states, calling 911 for help can make a person liable for the victim. In turn, one may receive some sort of punishment or jail time. Needless to say, the problem is not with the law, the problem is that parents want their children alive. Here’s a link to an article recently published that addresses the issue.

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